The Globe   (Music by Jerry Cutillo/Words by Patrick Rowbottom) 3:52                               

Le acque del Tamigi scorrono lente. Una figura incappucciata avanza dal molo.         Si ferma, a poche decine di metri più avanti, dinanzi alle finestre di una costruzione circolare, a strisce bianche e nere. Il viandante grida di aprire, ma dall’interno non si sente nessun rumore. Allora chiama di nuovo, questa volta annunciando il suo nome – Giordano Bruno – Ed ecco che improvvisamente il teatro prende vita.             Gargantua, Falstaff, Pantagruel… Re Artù, Sigfrido, Arlecchino…cavalieri tartari, antichi romani…. la stravaganza dei costumi viene esaltata dalle piroette degli attori che salutano l’ospite. Ed infine, il signore della casa, il drammaturgo Guglielmo Scuotilancia.

As the river Thames slowly flows past, a hooded figure walks away from the pier and stops, thirty yards beyond, under the windows of a round, black and white striped building. The figure shouts at the gate but there is total silence beyond. Another shout and, this time, calling the name “Giordano Bruno”. Now the place bursts into life. Candles light up a scene full of masks. Inside, the extravagance of the theatre is fully exposed by the rich clothing and pirouetting action of the company greeting their new guest. A spinning wheel of romance enwraps GB and his new friend: William Shakespeare.

“Sun is shining clear this morning one more day in London’s drawing                                          time to find some interaction players play their parts to be                                                          Black and white closed to sound in the square and standing proud                                             where my heart is going to find a Tudor dream to ease my mind                                                 And to my own request I say: May I join your company ?                                                         While your masked play softly…Welcome am I here now ?                                                     Pantagruel, Harlequin, Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere,                                                          Falstaff, Hamlet, Prospero pirouette to me as (solo)                                                                         And the room is full of sound I guess…Rainbow shade, magic face and I see here, now this:                  Is God rolling life’s game now ?   Stage is set, play begins, songs and laughter in between                                                                 actors strut around the “Globe” solos, groups and lovers flow                                                                                                                                                 Gods create every mime, diamond hearts combine with mine                                                       and the dawn of truth so speak, well I feel: Now I’m complete.