Dreams of Mandragora  (Music by Jerry Cutillo/Words by Patrick Rowbottom) 4:46

Nel palazzo del nobile inglese Sir Philip Sidney c’è grande fermento. Sta arrivando l’ospite italiano, il grande maestro di cui tutti parlano.                                                    Un gran vociare nel cortile ne annuncia l’ingresso e il banchetto può cominciare.        Le bevande riempiono i calici e le pietanze fumano sui tavoli. C’è allegria e tanta curiosità per le arti magiche di Giordano Bruno, ma il maestro rimane assorto in un lungo silenzio contemplativo. I primi segni di delusione serpeggiano già, ed ecco una pioggia di filamenti scintillanti avvolgere la sala.  Tutti vengono rapiti da un’improvvisa estasi e, nell’immobilità assoluta, cominciano a seguire l’incanto delle proprie visioni….. Quando poi, lentamente, gli invitati si risvegliano dallo stato ipnotico, le vivande sulla tavola sono fredde e le candele quasi esaurite…  proprio come i bastoncini d’incenso alla mandragora posti ai lati del grande maestro.

Inside the palace of the English noble Sir Philip Sidney there is great excitement. GB, whose feats are well known all over Europe, is coming to visit. The Italian arrives just as the banquet begins. Fine wines are poured into goblets and rich food is steaming, ready to be served. There’s great expectation and some curiosity for the “magician” but GB is immersed in reflective oblivion. After a while, guests become disillusioned at the normality of the occasion. But, suddenly, bright lights appear, illuminating the room. Everyone falls into a trance….   As if by magic, wild and incredible dreams enter the minds and bodies of all present. Gradually, one by one, guests wake up. Filled with astonishment, they realize that candles have burnt out and food is cold. By the side of GB rests mandragora’s incense.

“Flame from a candle when light turns to grey, sweet dreams change night into day   invitation feast, guests from west to east. Banquet of nobles, strangers and friends stare at me cold to what ends ?  Lord is whispering, time is slowly ticking… What ancient mistery do they seek to find ? Am I ?  Holding closed doors entertaining once more… a conjurer in this brave new world…Meat, mead and songs served in gold shining bright,  guests gaze on flame to see the light Trapped in mind sublime, lives are interwined, time stands still, dreams that thrill- whispering…  My lords and ladies now it’s time to wake up from your sleep gently  hearts beat and thoughts run deep world is changing and wisdom truth light dawning… My friend… smiled… one tear… of joy”.