O.A.K. Jerry Cutillo “Giordano Bruno” – Streetclip.de magazine (august 2018) by  Michael Haifl                                                                                                                             2018 (Aereostella) – Style: Progressive Rock                                                                                                                                                                                                                  9 points (10)

Although the Progressive Rock Formation O.A.K. (OSCILLAZIONI ALCHEMICO KREATIVE) has been existing since 1993, the band around vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jerry Cutillo should be famed with their latest concept work “Giordano Bruno” far beyond the home borders glory. The attention was on seventies symphonic rock from the past and esoteric underpaintings from this century. The current double vinyl therefore puts everything in the shade. The concept, the presentation, the participating of the musicians – everything is of exquisite quality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “And to the masters of the world, the minstrel only asks not to come between him and the music”                                                                                                                     The multilingual (four languages) Progressive Rock Opera is dedicated to the life of Giordano Bruno. The lyrics are mainly sung in Italian, but in between owed to the concept as well in English, German and Latin, the song history of each song is even written in Italian, English, German and Japanese. Giordano Bruno, born in January 1548 in Nola as Filippo Bruno, was an Italian poet, philosopher and astronomer. He joined the Dominican Order and became a priest in 1572, but quickly he came into conflict with the church. In 1576 he fled to Naples for the first time to escape the suspicion of heresy. He also had to flee from Rome, so he traveled through Italy, then through Europe. Bruno joined into the Protestant Church to escape again the Roman Inquisition. He had a lectureship in Toulouse and was supported in Paris by King Henry III during the Huguenot wars. On his recommendation, he went to Oxford, England, came immediately into conflict with the lectureship and had to return to Paris. He was not longer welcomed there because of his 120 theses against the natural science of Aristotle. In Marburg he had received a new lectureship before he came to Wittenberg in 1586 and lectured on philosophy.  His next stations were Prague and Geneva. In Helmstedt he began to write his Frankfurt writings with the result that even the Lutherans excommunicated him. The next stations of his journey took him to Frankfurt am Main and Zurich. Bruno found patrons everywhere but far more enemies of his pantheistic theses on the infinity of the universe. In his theses there was no room for the genesis of the church and the hereafter. Homesickness brought him to the lectureship in Padua and then to Venice. He was eventually denounced by his host  Zuane Mocenigo, taken into custody by the Inquisition on May 22, 1592, and taken to Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome in 1593. For seven years they were preparing a lawsuit against him. Ultimately, he was forced to revoke all the theses, but he still held to the rejection of the Last Judgment, of Christ as the Son of God and his assertion of many “worlds”. A secular court convicted Bruno to death at the pyre. On February 17, 1600, 52-year-old Giordano Bruno was executed at the Campo de ‘Fiori and his books had been put on the Index of Prohibited Writings. Only Pope John Paul II declared the execution as unfair in 2000, of course without complete rehabilitation. The musical realization captures the listener immediately.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It is an Italian Progressive Rock in perfection which testify its relationship to GENESIS and JETHRO TULL (“Campo Dè Fiori”).                                                                          The guest musicians do the rest: on 2010’s “Shaman Feet” Maartin Allcock (FAIRPORT CONVENTION, JETHRO TULL) and on ”Viandanze” from 2016 David Jackson (VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR) appeared and, in addition to Allcock and Jackson, in 2018 we have Sonja Kristina (CURVED AIR) and Richard Sinclair (CAMEL, CARAVAN) which worked on the album.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Just the wafting keyboard keys, in conjunction with the saxophone of David Jackson, blow a touch of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR (“Liber In Tiberi”) and the flute inserts (“Circe”) together with the vocals of Jerry Cutillo, sound like JETHRO TULL (“Angeli Senza Ali”) and on the wonderful instrumental composition (“La Cena Delle Beffe”). Sonja Kristina and Jerry Cutillo sing in English crowned by saxophone and instrumental eruption on (“Diana / Morgana”) as well as Richard Sinclair on (“Dreams Of Mandragora”). The musical interaction is constantly experiencing new peaks, even in the only foreign composition (“Danse Macabre”, by Camille Saint-Saëns from 1874) when Ian Anderson should applaud delighted from the grandstand. Especially for Krautrock and Italo Prog-lovers is the song “Wittenberger Fuchstanz”. Performed in German by Jerry and in English by the singer Jenny Sorrenti (SAINT JUST) is the secret climax. Of course we give the hand to dance with the album’s art work immortalized fox:          “What has happened will happen again. There is nothing new under the sun “.                                                                                                                                                 On stage O.A.K. performs the Rock Opera as the quintessence of Giordano Bruno’s life and dreams, his journey through Europe and his encounters with Kings, Queens and Shakespeare, in a two-hours multi-media performance. Hopefully there will be no confusions with the Norwegian Prog Rockers or the Death Doomers OAK from the USA, the Hardcore Band from Sweden and the same names from France and the Netherlands. Until the live performances, the total work of art is absolutely to be enjoyed as a double vinyl (including a CD), otherwise “Giordano Bruno” is only available digitally.

Michael Haifl

O.A.K. – Giordano Bruno