Giordano Bruno

The making of an Album


The Vision of Giordano Bruno

CraftyArtVenture home studio – Rome, may 2016  (Jerry Cutillo)


The rehearsals

Garage studio – Rome, july 2016   (Jerry Cutillo, Giacomo Pettinelli, Francesco De Renzi)


The computer crash

My pc service assistance – Rome, august 2016

Stpe 4. Recording four basic tracks
Nater Sound Studio   (Rome, august 2016)

Jerry Cutillo

Giacomo Pettinelli, Stefano the engineer

Stefano the engineer, Francesco De Renzi


Recording session  SoundAvenue studio – Leontica (CH) august 2016

Jerry Cutillo, David Jackson, Marco Viale

Jerry Cutillo, Marco Viale

David Jackson

David Jackson, Jerry Cutillo

David Jackson

Step 6 Recording “Dreams of Mandragora” bass & vocal  CraftyArtVenture home studio and –  Rome, September 2016

Jerry Cutillo, Richard Sinclair, Alexa Bersiani, Daniele Nuzzo

Richard Sinclair, Jerry Cutillo

Richard Sinclair, Jerry Cutillo


Recording “Danse Macabre” bass line  Maart home studio – Harlech (Wales) October 2016.

Maart Allcock, Jerry Cutillo

Maart Allcock

Step 8 “The magical London meeting”


Jerry Cutillo visits “The Globe” theatre where,  in 1584, Giordano Bruno met William Shakespeare.                                                              (London, January 2017)


“The lyric’s jam” All around the world,  March 2017

Step 10 Some more drum & bass

Garage studios – Rome, april 2017

Step 11 On Giordano Bruno’s trail Paris, Chateau de Fontainebleau, Berlin, Wittenberg june 2017

Step 12 The faires recording sessions London & Rome july 2017


Step 13 The Artwork Mozyr republic of Belarus august 2017

O.A.K. logo

Ed Unitsky 1

Ed Unitsky 2

Step 14 The mixing desk Blu studio – Rome, august 2017

Marco Lecci

Jerry Cutillo

Cristiano Boffi

Step fifteen

The signing of the contract, Termini station terrace Rome December 2017


Jerry Cutillo – Iaia De Capitani

Giordano Bruno

I Brani