David Jackson on O.A.K. Jerry Cutillo “Giordano Bruno” – MAT2020 Interview (april 2018) by Max Rock Polis

David Jackson, il legame con la musica e i musicisti italiani:

Non è certo cosa da tutti i giorni ritrovarsi ad assistere a uno spettacolo in Italia in cui come guest star partecipa anche David Jackson, ovvero lo storico sassofonista dei Van Der Graaf generator, per essere chiari l’uomo che tutti aspettano di vedere impugnare e suonare due sassofono contemporaneamente. In questo caso lui era qui a Roma, al Planet disco club lo scorso 18 febbraio 2018, per suonare assieme agli OAK di Jerry Cutillo per il release party di “Giordano Bruno” dove ha contribuito in molte tracce. Lo abbiamo intercettato nel backstage prima del concerto e rivolto alcune domande.                                                                                                                                                                                                We’re here with David Jackson, the historic musician of Van Der Graaf generator, and  other groups. Tonight you’re here to play with Jerry Cutillo but you played before with a bunch of Italian artists. How much you like to play with progressive Italian artists?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “To play Italian Rock for me, Italian Progressive rock is fantastic, because I love the melodies of Italy, the harmony, but every different region of Italy has different feel for music, you know? I first came in Italy in 1972, a long time ago. When I was here we listened all way long to Italian bands, great, great bands and I couldn’t believe they were so good. I kind prefer to a lot of English Progressive rock, even though I didn’t understand everything. But it was just the passion, you know. And the audience particularly, I would see an Italian band play, and the audience was just electrified. Electrified! So you know when I have someone else wish to play in Italy I would come. If the music is good, only! [he laughs, ed.].”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     And so you’re here still playing with Italian groups. It’s really great for a big musician like you.                                                                                                                          “Well, I met Jerry a few years ago at an Osanna gig, I felt a great connection with him, and he asked me to play in a song called “My old man” because his father has recently died. My father had died twenty years before, but to try to be able to write a song about your father was a great connection, and I wanted to play this song, I recorded it and we became friends. I played the concert in 2010 i think, “duemilaedieci” [spoken in Italian, ed.] and was a great concert, a beautiful occasion. I met him again and he asked me to do this project “Giordano Bruno” and I was completely fascinated because the last time I was with Jerry, the last night we went and stood under the statue of Giordano Bruno and he told me the story, I mean. And then eight years later come and play, and he sent me the music and I said “Yeah, this is great, great music, fantastic music, please I want to play”. I went to play three songs in Switzerland with Jerry and I ended up playing in seven. Now I play twelve! [he laughs, ed.].” I’m really fascinated and honored to cope with a piece of history like you. I thank you very much for playing with Italian artists, it’s so great for me. “Thank you for talking to me, for your questions, because I enjoyed trying to tell my story only briefly but a chance. I must urge everybody who see this, to listen to this music, especially the song Circe”, this melody is one of the great melodies of Italian Progressive rock. It is such a great melody, we play it at the end of the show and it’s just brilliant. And it’s a very complex piece, a long piece, but the main theme which come at the beginning is just divine, he’s a great writer. Jerry is a great, great Italian talent you know, must not be forgotten or overlooked we say. Don’t overlook Jerry Cutillo! [waving his finger to say no, ].” So thank you so much David for this little interview, Progressive music worldwide is still in need, in very great need of people and musicians like you.                      Goodbye, I have to go on rehearsal on stage.”